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No Pain; More Gain

It’s strange to look at life and think, what’s it all for - what is the point of life? I saw an old l
Eclectically Curious
No Pain; More Gain
By Clay Lowe • Issue #10 • View online
It’s strange to look at life and think, what’s it all for - what is the point of life? I saw an old lady in town today. Nothing unusual. She was pushing one of these mobility shopping trolleys. My immediate thought was, “She’s done her time!”
I stood and watched her disappear down the street. Hopefully she has had more good times than bad, I mumble to myself and carry on walking.
I try to shake my dark thoughts, but they continue to linger. Life will be over for her soon (life could be over for any of us soon, but she’s statistically closer to the end), and there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s the circle of life.
We do stuff and then we die.
And that’s it as far as anyone really knows.
When I think about the ultimate futility of life, I can buy into the hedonistic argument of pursuing pleasure at all costs, that way at least you know, you had a good time while you were here on the planet.
Maximising pleasure while minimising pain, makes sense to me as a primary goal of human life.
Unless of course, you hold on to the illusion that what you do in life will have a significant impact on humanity and live beyond you…like Shakespeare for instances whose work we still study and read 400 years after his death and will probably continue to study and read until the end of human existence!
The trouble is, most of us will never have that kind of impact and influence. In fact most of us will be forgotten unless our kids’ kids and their kids remember us.
On first read, I know that sounds bleak, but I think just the opposite. I think it’s liberating. For me, knowing that our time is limited and mostly futile, means I might as well maximise the time I do have in pursuit of the highest pleasures life can offer. The pleasures don’t have to be extreme, they can be the simple things like spending time with friends and family, drinking coffee, or reading a good book. Why spend anytime on things that cause you grief? Let that stuff go as much as you can.
Anyway those are my random thoughts on this idle Wednesday afternoon.
Tomorrow we resume our regularly schedule program. 😜

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