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It's the Little Things
By Clay Lowe • Issue #14 • View online
It’s the little things.
I’m staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Chester, right next to the race course. Parking was simple. The lady checking me in was friendly. The WIFI doesn’t require a password nor an email address to use it. If you’re a guest of the hotel, you get complimentary tea and coffee and fruit at the breakfast bar 24/7. If you’re not a guest, you get unlimited coffee and tea for £3 a person, which is great considering hotel lobbies are meeting magnets for digital nomads and road warriors.  
They had me at free coffee and hassle free WIFI!!
Then again, I am a simple man with simple pleasures.
This morning I had to “call an audible.” For those of you not familiar with the phrase, calling an audible is an American Football term. Essentially it’s when the Quarterback changes the play at the last minute based on how he sees the defense lining up.  And when I say last minute, I mean his team-mates are already lined up and ready to run the play they discussed in the huddle. 
The audible I called had to do with my 2019 goals and ambitions. Everything is set. The plans are all mind-mapped out. I’m focused and ready to rock and roll and then I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Too much dad-bod accrued in the weeks leading up to the New Year!!
Fitness is always on my list, the focus generally being on maintenance. But after what I saw today, I’m going into obsession mode with my fitness. That means, everything else is secondary.
Speaking of obsession. If you want to know the secret to achieving any goal or ambition you have, it’s obsession!
You have to become obsessed with your object of desire. 
Forget balance.
Throw balance right out of the window. Greatness is not achieved through balance. Ask any pro athlete, superstar musician, actor, founders of billion dollar companies, and rebels who have overthrown the political establishment of their country. Nine times out of ten, you’ll find they were obsessed with achieving their ambition even in some cases to the detriment of their family, friends, children and spouses!!
So yeah, if you really want what you desire, get obsessive!!
No-half measures.

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Emily Dickinson
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Clay Lowe

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