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Good Vibes in Pink City
By Clay Lowe • Issue #32 • View online
Last week I was in the ‘Pink City’(La Ville Rose). If you look it up, you’ll find it’s proper name is Toulouse. It’s France’s forth largest metropolitan area, just after Paris, Lyon, and Marseille. I would show you all of the pretty pictures I took, but, well, there are none apart from this one, which is where I worked for 3 days and into the nights (no time for sight seeing). 
I was there to work with a group of up and coming leaders at AirBus. Our focus was on customer centricity. How do you develop the mindset that puts the customer first in everything you do? That was our big question. We spent 3 days answering it!
It was a lot of fun working with the French, Germans, and Spanish all in one room (Airbus, of course, being a huge multi-national corporation). 
I must admit, I’ve stopped and started this note several times over the last week. Busy got the best of me though, and then a strange freakin head cold put me down for the count on Friday.
My ritual for getting through these things fast is to eat loads so my body has enough fuel to fight. Sleep loads so my body can shut down all non essential systems and focus on fighting the foreign invaders. And lastly, some sauna time, to burn the little microbes up! 
This little ritual works for me every time. Today I’m back in the game, not quite 100% but at least in the high 70s.
I wrote a journal style blogpost to cover off the distance between the last newsletter and this one.

Today's Learning
I’ve been a long time fan of visualisation. I use it a lot when preparing for presentation or delivering a new training session. I may give this ago i.e. making it a daily ritual and see what happens.
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My schedule should settle down now for a few weeks. Well, after this week…maybe.
Peace out,
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Clay Lowe

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