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By Clay Lowe • Issue #15 • View online
I spent the day at the Airbus Plant in Broughton. Driving onto the property, I had a sudden flashback to my army days. Something about the guards, the metal detectors and the smell of diesel must have set me off. I could have easily been back in Kirchgoens on a cold, crisp January morning. Ah the good old days…
Snap back to the present. I was here to secure a training gig with Airbus. The topic: customer centricity, which in a consumer age of ever increasing competition is an essential component to any business strategy regardless of what your business is or how big or small it may be.
Basically customer centricity is a way of doing business with customers that provides a positive customer experience before, during, and after the sale with the twin goal of increasing customer loyalty and profits.
The idea is to build a culture around the customer and their needs. Tony Hsieh wrote a book about it. In fact, you could say he wrote THE book about it considering that many companies now try to emulate what he did with Zappos, at least in principle.
Tony Hsieh is a great example of how following your passions first cab lead to not only profits, but a happy life for you, your employees, and customers.
He’s now a billionaire by the way. And to think his origin story starts with pizza. Read the book. It’s a fascinating and inspiring story!
Back to Airbus.  
Part of my presentation today was on individual core values. A topic I’ve been dealing with recently on a personal basis. I talk about it on our latest podcast. The short version of the story is I reshuffled my core values to be more in align with the mission I’m on this year. My new core values are:
If you haven’t revisited your core values in a while, I highly suggest you do. Here’s a primer for you.
And if you feel inclined to share your core values with me, hit reply.

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